We're about to take an evolutionary leap.

Resilience is the best cure.

A drug discovery platform, millions of years in the making.

Wild animals exhibit remarkable resilience to many diseases. Some of the secrets to their survival lie in their potent and balanced microbiome – the result of evolution at its finest. At Wild Biotech, we translate this incredible symbiosis into novel therapeutics for human diseases.

Our wild approach

  • Boots on the ground, on the frontier of the microbial world

  • Teaming up with AI to pave the way for unparalleled data

  • Transmuting that data into reality

  • Rigorous preclinical testing

  • Meeting the unprecedented clinical endpoint

Discovering. Developing.

Wild Biotech employs an end-to-end process that goes from field exploration and discovery all the way to drug development and clinical trials. With its potential landscape of therapeutic technologies for human diseases virtually unlimited, we tackled inflammatory, immune and gastrointestinal diseases as our first therapeutic challenge, and are currently in the preclinical stage with several lead compounds.

The Wild Database

A unique database lies at the root of our discoveries

  • 10 PB Extractable data

  • 2 B Host-microbiome interactions

  • 100 M Microbial genes

  • 75 % Novel genomic material

Database highlights

Wild Biotech’s unique platform goes deep inside the animal kingdom, where nature has hidden some of its most extraordinary cures.

  • Mega toxin shield

    Carrion eaters, such as vultures, contain toxin-degrading bacteria in their microbiomes that enables them to safely consume rotten meat.

  • Nature’s new arsenal

    Wielding small, non-coding RNA, commensal bacteria in the microbiome of primates empowers them to fight pathogens in novel ways.

  • Super immunity boost

    Microbiota in wild animals promotes their fitness and protects them from viral infections and tumorigenesis.