We're about to take an evolutionary leap.

Resilience is the best cure.

A drug discovery platform, millions of years in the making.

The animal kingdom exhibits a breathtaking aptitude for withstanding numerous diseases. Leveraging Wild's groundbreaking discovery paradigm and state-of-the-art technology, we embarked on a journey to discover and develop novel bi-specific miniprotein therapeutics. Our innovative approach encompasses a myriad of strategies, including the ingenious microbial sequence and structure mimicry, alongside the pursuit of novel, stable scaffolds specifically designed for oral administration.

Our wild approach

  • Boots on the ground, sampling the most extreme biodiversity across 6 continents, with over 200M microbial genes - our one of a kind database.

  • A proprietary structural catalog of high complexity miniproteins, including cysteine-knots and venom-like toxins.

  • Machine learning powered mining of bioactive molecules, followed by large scale synthetic biology screening.

  • From bioactivity testing, through in-vivo characterization to clinical stage development.

Discovering. Developing.

Wild Biotech leads a comprehensive endeavor, spanning from field exploration and discovery to drug development and clinical trials. Our primary focus centers on the gut as a pivotal interface to various physiological systems, encompassing the dynamic gut-immune and gut-brain axes and gut hormone regulation. With an abundance of potential therapeutic technologies for human diseases lying ahead, we embrace the formidable challenge of addressing the gut-immune axis as our foremost therapeutic frontier. Presently, we are advancing with great momentum in the preclinical stage, having identified several promising lead compounds.

The Wild Database

A unique database lies at the root of our discoveries

  • 3 B Human-Wild interactions

  • 60 M Novel scaffolds

  • 10 M Bi-specific scaffolds

  • 75 % Novel genomic material

Database highlights

Wild Biotech’s unique platform goes deep inside the animal kingdom, where nature has hidden some of its most extraordinary cures.

  • Underneath Mamba's adaptations

    Our groundbreaking research uncovers microbial miniprotein neurotoxins nestled within the mamba snake, which is known to have ability to regulate metabolism to support infrequent feeding. The discovered molecules boast unparalleled therapeutic attributes surpassing those of known analogs.

  • Mimicry for the greater good

    Microbes ingeniously employ diverse strategies to interface with their host's immune system, skillfully evading detrimental immune responses and preserving vital homeostasis. In certain instances, they harness structural resemblance without any underlying sequence homology.

  • Low metabolic (rat)e

    Naked mole-rats possess a metabolism as efficient as a cold-blooded creature, allowing them to save incredible amounts of energy. This adaptation potentially contributes to their remarkably long lifespan!