Wild Database

We’ve created the largest annotated metagenomic database of wild animal microbiota on the planet.

Database highlights

  • Mega toxin shield

    Carrion eaters, such as vultures, contain toxin-degrading bacteria in their microbiomes that enables them to safely consume rotten meat.

  • Nature’s new arsenal

    Wielding small, non-coding RNA, commensal bacteria in the microbiome of primates empowers them to fight pathogens in novel ways.

  • Super immunity boost

    Microbiota in wild animals promotes their fitness and protects them from viral infections and tumorigenesis.

  • The Zen of the Wild

    Animals in nature have effective immune homeostasis that minimizes immunopathology.

  • Protected from the elements

    The lungfish can survive months, even years, in dry soil, with its microbiome protecting it from soil bacteria during long hibernation.

  • Iron stomach

    The Madagascan Golden Bamboo lemur is so resistant to cyanide poisoning that it can feed on an amount of cyanide that would kill a human being.

Moments to comprehend – years to actualize

A vast global network enables us to collect samples from virtually anywhere in the world, while diligent bioprospecting groundwork provides us every necessary permission. Establishing optimized protocols and procedures for preserving high-quality samples, along with fully-monitored logistic methodologies ensure the swift and safe arrival of highly perishable samples.